Welcome to the demo site of the Free version of WP Mobile Menu. 


Interact with the header buttons to see the Mobile Menus in action.

Check the full list of the features of WP Mobile Menu

Check the full list of the features of WP Mobile Menu

  • 2 Responsive Menus( left and right )
  • Menu Item Icons
  • Naked Header
  • Unlimited Color settings
  • Fixed Header
  • Logo/Text Branding
  • Google Fonts
  • Turn on/off Header Logo
  • Background Images
  • Background Gradients
  • Width Trigger( menus will appear at the determined resolution )
  • 4 Widgetized Areas(Left Menu top and Bottom, Right Menu Top and bottom)
  • Slideout Push Content – Menu Display
  • Slideout Over Content – Menu Display
  • Custom Css Option
  • Custom Js Option

And much more...


  • Sizing, spacing and positioning of menus, header, logos
  • Font Options
  • Hide Elements
  • Disable Logo Url
  • Alternative Logo Url
  • Use the menus icons has buttons
  • Add Text input after left menu and before the right menu
  • Click in the page to close the menus
  • Select Icon of the menu icons( limited icons )
  • Icon menu Font size
  • Header Logo/Text alignment/spacing
  • Option to detach sticky elements
  • Click Entire parent link to open submenu
  • Overlay Mask when the menu is opened
  • Free Support according to the team “Free” time
  • Continuous Updates


See some real examples made with the Free version